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DropTest Frame Set

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This safety glasses holder keeps eye protection organized and ready for STEM explorations!

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What makes an object fall when it’s dropped? Why do balloons drift while bricks plummet? Students are immersed in the physical world around them as they answer questions with force and motion experiments. First, they visualize the invisible power of gravity by attaching several washers to a string and dropping it from a durable ABS frame. Then they layer on new learnings by exploring the effects of air resistance on parachutes of their own design. Using included materials, users construct parachutes to drop from the frame, observing the speed and direction of the falling payload. After discussing the results, they ask and answer questions by cutting holes in the canopy, adding weight, modifying the drop height, and more! Frame adjusts from 52-1/2”H to 88”H and features an easy-to-use clip at the top for consistent results. Individual includes parachute materials for up to 6 students, frame, and lesson direction. Included lesson direction is adaptable for grades K-4 and 5-8. Class Set includes 4 Individual Kits. Recommended for Elementary and up.