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LearnLever Mini Lever Set

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Expand the learning potential in the classroom using a smaller version of our LearnLever!

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Easily incorporate this mini lever into classroom lessons about simple machines. Each accommodates up to 6 students as they learn about the importance of the fulcrum location and the force needed to lift a load. To start, place the lever on a desk and set the center of the bar on the fulcrum. Place beanbags in one bucket and then determine how are needed in the other bucket to lift the load. Then expand lessons by moving the fulcrum and adding or removing beanbags. Set up multiple levers to create an engaging competition between students. Lightweight, durable ABS tubing frame stands up to consistent use. Set includes 4 mini levers (18-1/2”L x 6-1/2”W x 13-1/2”H; 11-1/2 oz), 72 beanbags, and lesson direction. Lever is also available individually for smaller classes or to expand your existing set. Recommended for Elementary and up.