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FabricationStation Makerspace Cardboard & Paper Roll
Bloxels Game Coding Blocks
Strawbees Cardboard Kit
Rainbow Geoboards Set
CircuitScribe Drone Builder Kit
mPuzzle Kit
MakeyMakey Kits

MakeyMakey Kits

PowerUp 2.0 Classroom Set
Coding from Scratch
Periodic Table of Elements
Periodic Table of Element Cards
Mathopotamia Set
SolarStudy Set
Paleo Hunter Dig Kits
Robotis Mini Darwin Robot Kit
Ozobot Sets

Ozobot Sets

Octa-Clip Connectors Set
Bristlebot Sets

Bristlebot Sets

Paper Circuits Kit
Cubelets Robot Block Kits
CaddyStack Electricity Kit
Snap Circuits Experiments Kits
Mango Math Crates

Mango Math Crates

Hydroponic LED GrowLight
Launching Target Set
CodingCourse Set
Makerspace Cards
StudySpin Probability Sets
SlingStudy Mini Sets
Makerspace Rules Poster
MathemActive Triangle Game
Engineering Fields Posters
Science Fields Posters
STEAM Maestro Kit
Snap Circuits Pro Kit
Lux Blox STEAM Introductory Kit
PowerUp 3.0 Group Set

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