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EnginAIR Sail Cars

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Set sail on a STEM learning adventure while building a car powered by wind!

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Working in small groups, students run experiments to determine which kind of sail is the most effective and what types of surfaces produce the best racing surface. They start by designing and building a sail car using balsa wood, wheels, construction paper, straws, and other supplies found in the classroom. They can experiment with sails in different sizes and shapes to see which is the best for catching and riding on a breeze. Students can also roll the balsa wood car on various surfaces or test different fan speeds. In the process, students learn about force and friction. More advanced lessons let students discover the impact of drag, power, and Newton’s First and Second Laws of Motion. They can also determine how mass affects the speed of a car and the distance it can travel. Included lesson direction is adaptable for grades K-4 and 5-8. Both sets include enough supplies to build up to 4 cars. The Deluxe Set also includes a fan to use during experiments (also sold separately). Full contents lists online. Recommended for Elementary and up.