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BrickLAB Brick Packs
Arckit Architectural Modelling Kits
Arckit GO Modelling Kits
Arckit Mini Dormer Modelling Kits
STEM Supplies Gift Card
Spirograph Kits

Spirograph Kits

TestFlight Set Foam Board
3D Magic Pen

3D Magic Pen

STEM Animation Kit
Art Forgery Kit
Color Code Stickers Set
Octa-Clip Connectors Set
Color Code Markers Set
DiscoverKits Structures
Pathfinders Robotic Arm Kit
Bristlebot Sets

Bristlebot Sets

Crazy Circuits Sewing Kit
Pathfinders Hydraulic Gearbot Kit
Pathfinders Swing Bridge Kit
Paper Circuits Kit
STEM Green Screen Production Kit
Pathfinders Strauss Bridge Kit
Coroplast Kit
Pathfinders Mini Hydraulics Kit
Squishy Circuits Kits
Strawbees Crazy Scientist Kit
Gelatin Engineering Kit
Light, Shadow, and Color Kit
Electronic Quilt Kit
Keva Bot Maker Maze Kit
FabricationStation Makerspace Cardboard & Paper Roll
3Dux Architecture Sets
3DuxDesign Cardboard Connectors
Strawbees Maker Kits
MakeyMakey Kits

MakeyMakey Kits

Morphed Up Kits

Morphed Up Kits

Constructures Mini Sets