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Mathopotamia Set


Kinesthetic STEM activity helps students build math skills while keeping them moving during lessons!

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Develop math and fitness skills at the same time during these kinesthetic learning activities! Start by setting up 10 hoops in a pyramid on the floor with a pair of dice inside each hoop. A player from each team starts at the first level of hoops and challenges a player from another team to a duel. The duel can involve rolling the highest or lowest number, addition, subtraction, multiplication, or fractions. Whoever wins the duel advances to the next level of hoops to challenge a new player. The student that loses the duel runs through an obstacle course. The winner of the final duel earns a point for his/her team. The team with the most points after a predetermined number of rounds wins! Teachers can also challenge the class to calculate the perimeter and area of the triangle as bonus lessons. Set includes a Set of 12 Rainbow DuraHoop Flat Hoops, 6 Rainbow Training Hurdles, 6 Rainbow Vinyl Cones, 2 foam dice (6"), 18 dice, 1 score flipper, a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and lesson direction. Recommended for Elementary and Middle School.