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RatioReveal Sets

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Discover the connection between math, patterns, and art while experimenting with gears during a ratio activity!

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Learn about the math behind patterns and create all sorts of unique combinations and variables using these math and art integration lesson plans. Working in groups of up to 3, students place a sheet of paper between the base board and the top plate. Students choose one of the 3 gears and place inside the top plate. Using a pencil, student rotate the gear around the top plate to reveal a shape. Included lesson direction is adaptable for students in grades K-4 and 5-8. Younger students will learn about the relationship and recognize patterns between the top plate and size of gears. Older students will expand on lessons about gears, while also understanding the importance of straight-line motion and rolling on fixed lines while drawing trochoids.

Individual Set includes 1 base and board, 2 face plates (1 Ea 6", 8" dia), and 3 gears (1 Ea 2", 3", 4" dia). Class Set includes 4 Individual Sets, 1 ream of white paper, and lesson direction. Recommended for Elementary and up.