Project-based learning turns students into earth scientists and shows how mushrooms grow and the conditions in which they thrive. Students learn how to grow mycelium, a network of fine white vegetative filaments associated with fungus, out of a dormant material. Over the course of 10 days, students take notes while the dry materials activate and grow into a living substance. At the end of the experiment, students dry the mycelium and study its structure and amount of growth. The integrated NGSS curriculum and activity kit brings Science & Engineering Practices (SEPs) and Cross-Cutting Concepts (CCCs) to life in the classroom. Teacher's guide includes cross-curricular lessons, student notebooks. The 73-piece kit includes materials for a class of 30 students including 6 GrowBio mycelium materials bags, 30 planter or 15 desk organizer forms, and 50 pr nitrile gloves. Mycelium must be used within 10 weeks. Book of Ideas workbooks, a journal for students to record inventive ideas, sold separately. Recommended for Elementary.

Kit includes: