Discover mechanical engineering by building a hydraulic arm that picks up objects and swivels 90°! Young engineers learn how fluid transfer can make the workload easier and discover the mechanical advantage of levers when moving objects. Experimenters use six syringes of water to actuate the claws and arm, solving problems with hydraulics and fluid dynamics. Functioning on some of the same principles as real-world machines, this arm allows students to apply their learnings to hydraulic mechanisms found in everything from assembly lines to automotive brake systems. A 12-page illustrated instruction manual details building process. Die-cut wood pieces fit snugly for a sturdy structure that withstands endless hands-on experiments. Finished arm is 16"L x 13"H. Recommended for Elementary and up.

Safe Products for Classrooms and STEM Programs - STEM Supplies CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.