Packed with sensors, LEDs, and motors, students can program Dash to move, make sounds, and even respond to their voice. Despite its friendly appearance, Dash is a real robot ready to play. Use free mobile apps to create new behaviors for Dash—no books or camps needed! Path introduces students to the fundamentals of code by sending Dash along student-drawn lines. Wonder features a picture-based language and over 300 guided challenges that teach coding in a fun way! Blockly makes advanced coding concepts, like variables, conditionals, and algorithm design accessible through playful projects and puzzles.

Individual Kit includes 1 Dash robot, getting started guide, and more. Class Set includes 6 Individual Kits. Full contents lists below. Accessories make Dash even more fun! Boost hands-on learning with Brick Connectors for LEGO and other brick compatibility, a Launcher that turns Dash into a projectile-firing prankster, and a Xylophone that lets students compose, loop, and play tunes (sold separately)! Recommended for Elementary.

Individual Kit includes:

Group Set includes:

Basic Accessories Pack includes:

K-5 Accessories Pack includes: