At only 13-1/2”H, these catapults are ideal for classroom use. To start, set the mini catapult on a desk, table, or the floor. Next, place one end of the rubber band over the launching arm and secure the other end on the cross bar. Have one student in each group place a beanbag on the launching pad, pull back, and let go to launch the beanbag. Other students measure the distance and accuracy of each throw. Add more rubber bands to experiment with force or launch more than one beanbag at a time. Frame is made of ABS tubing, making it durable and lightweight. Set includes 4 catapults (17-1/4”L x 9-1/2”W x 8”H; 2 lb), 24 beanbags, rubber bands, and lesson direction to guide students through activities. Catapult with 6 beanbags and rubber bands also sold separately to accommodate small group lessons or to add additional levers to your existing set. Patented. Recommended for Elementary and up.