With hours of engaging content, these Kano kits give students hands-on experience learning about what goes into constructing and coding gadgets, giving them a deeper understanding of technology. Students will build their own Raspberry Pi-powered touchscreen computer to discover what makes tablets work using the Touch Computer Kits. They can program it to play apps or even browse the internet. The Pixel Kits introduce students to engineering basics as they build a pixel unit and then learn about loops, logic, and variables while creating a highly-visual light show with 16 million color combinations. Students can also learn how to control games or play a guitar on a screen by simply waving their hands over a motion sensor. Each kit in this pack introduces students to programming through drag-and-drop block coding. After mastering this basic coding, they can move on to more advanced languages to create original games, animations, music, and more. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Kano Computer Kits. Pack includes 10 ea Touch Computer Kits, Pixel Kits, and Motion Sensor Kits. Recommended for Elementary and up.

Safe Products for Classrooms and STEM Programs - STEM Supplies CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.


Pack includes: