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Buy chemistry kits from STEM Supplies to help students better understand the world around them!

Why do plants grow? How do fuel cells produce energy? What makes household cleaners effective? Students from elementary to high school ages can discover the answers to these questions and so many more through hands-on chemistry experiments for kids.

An early introduction to chemistry shows students how to develop deductive reasoning skills as they see firsthand how matter and energy interact with each other. During the experiment process, young scientists learn how to make informed decisions, a skill that carries over into other STEM fields.

Key Benefits

  • Chemistry is a tangible and practical science that lets students see real results as they learn about the scientific method.
  • Students obtain results as they test their hypotheses during experiments, allowing them to connect these principles to other daily activities.
  • Real world application: Chemistry is part of many careers including chemical engineering, water chemistry, geochemistry, and toxicology.

Shop for classroom chemistry kits at STEM Supplies to create engaging lessons that prepare students for a future in science!