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MakeyMakey Kits

MakeyMakey Kits

CodeGamer Coding Kit
Snap Circuits Experiments Kits
Rokit Smart Kit

Rokit Smart Kit

Crazy Circuits Programming 101 Class Sets
Sun Catchers Kits
Hummingbird Bit Sets
Hummingbird Bit Kits
Snap Circuits Snaptricity Kit
Snap Circuits Pro Kit
Snap Circuits Rover Kit
Snap Circuits Arcade Kit
Snap Circuits Light Kit
Electronics Learning Circuits Kit
Electronics Advanced Circuits Kit
CircuitScribe Kits
CircuitScribe Classroom Kits
CircuitScribe Drone Builder Kit
mPuzzle Kit
mPie Kit
Tinkering Labs Electric Motor Catalyst Kits
CaddyStack Electricity Kit
Circuit Creators Kit
Building Simple Circuits Kits
Crazy Circuits Kits
STEAM Maestro Kit
Crazy Circuits Makerspace Set
Crazy Circuits Robotics Kit
Build A Crystal Radio Kits
Battery Builder Kits
Squishy Circuits Kits
Crazy Circuits Sewing Kit
Crazy Circuits 101 Classroom Packs
Crazy Circuits with Paint Kit
Paper Circuits Kit
Mand Labs Circuit Kits
Teknikio Makerspace Kit
Battery Builders Refill Kit
Squishy Circuits Dough Kit