CaddyStack Electricity Kit


Discover the flow of charge and electrical currents between points using simple circuits!

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Students design series and parallel circuits using the basic electrical components in this pack. Start with basic circuits where students flip a switch to turn on a light. Enhance the experiments by adding motors and buzzers to the circuits. A fully-illustrated, 32-page teacher’s guide includes activities for building simple circuits, as well is reproducible activities. When lessons conclude, disassemble and safely store components in the included CaddyStack™ tote. Includes 115 pieces, see full content list below. Recommended for Middle School and up.

Kit Includes:

  • Economy Bulb Holders, 16 Ea
  • Economy Switches, 16 Ea
  • Miniature Bulbs, 16 Ea
  • Wire Connectors, Set of 30
  • Motors, 2 Ea
  • Buzzers, 2 Ea
  • Battery Holders, 16 Ea
  • D Cell Batteries, 16 Ea
  • Teacher’s Guide, 1 Ea

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