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Circuit Creators Kit


Students use electricity and communication in hands-on experiments to power the world around them!

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In this kit, students will discover the properties of communication, circuits, natural hazards, and engineering as they ask themselves “What would help my community stay connected during a time of need?” This integrated NGSS curriculum and activity kit brings Science & Engineering Practices (SEPs) and Cross-Cutting Concepts (CCCs) to life in your classroom. Teacher’s guide includes flexible pacing guides that support all levels, cross-curricular integration, as well as printed student notebooks. Curriculum Unit includes 10 breadboards, 10 hand crank generators, 30 LEDs, 30 resistors, 50 jumper wires, 1 multimeter to measure electrical current and voltage produced by the hand crank generator and a variety of reference books. Full contents listed below. Book of Ideas workbooks sold separately. Recommended for Elementary and up.

Safe Products for Classrooms and STEM Programs - STEM Supplies CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

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Curriculum Unit includes:

  • Multimeter, 1 Ea
  • Breadboards, 10 Ea
  • Hand Crank Generators w/ Wires, 10 Ea
  • Buzzers, 10 Ea
  • LEDs, 30 Ea
  • Resistors, 30 Ea
  • Jumper Wires, 50 Ea
  • Educator Guide, 1 Ea
  • Communication Challenge Introductory Activity Sheets, 30 Ea
  • My STEM Stories™ Student Notebooks, 30 Ea
  • My STEM Explorer Notes™ Student Experiment Notebooks, 30 Ea
  • Teacher Circuit Primer Laminated Sheets, 1 Set
  • Using a Multimeter Laminated Sheets, 5 Ea
  • Timelines
  • Reference Books
    • Natural Disasters: Confront the Awesome Power of Nature from Earthquakes and Tsunamis to Hurricanes, 1 Ea
    • Extreme Weather, 1 Ea
    • National Geographic Kids World Atlas, 1 Ea