Squishy Circuits Kits

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Use unique dough to build sculptures that double as circuits to teach conductivity basics!

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Make sculptures that light up, move, and more without using connecting wires. The squishy conductive and insulating dough is safe and non-intimidating. Students use it to make balls, a house, or whatever they imagine. Add LEDs and connect the battery pack to light them! Lite kit is ideal for small group work or individuals to build small circuits with lights. Learn how to power a buzzer, motor, and switch in the Basic kit. Deluxe kit is ideal for MakerSpaces and takes students’ circuits to the next level powering a fan or controlling creations with a switch. Four AAA batteries required (not included). Additional dough sold separately. Recommended for Elementary and up.

Safe Products for Classrooms and STEM Programs - STEM Supplies CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

Lite Kit includes 17 pieces:

  • Conductive Dough, 1 Ea
  • LEDs, 15 Ea
  • Battery Holder, 1 Ea

Basic Kit includes 29 pieces:

  • Battery Holder, 1 Ea
  • Piezoelectric Buzzer, 1 Ea
  • LEDs, 25 Ea
  • Insulating Dough, 1 Ea
  • Conductive Dough, 3 Ea

Deluxe Kit includes 55 pieces:

  • Conductive Dough, 7 Ea
  • Insulating Dough, 1 Ea
  • LEDs, 40 Ea
  • Motor with Fan, 1 Ea
  • Mechanical Buzzer, 1 Ea
  • Switch, 1 Ea
  • Piezoelectric Buzzer, 1 Ea
  • Dough Sculpting Tools, 1 Set
  • Rolling Pin, 1 Ea
  • Deluxe Battery Holder, 1 Ea