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Fuel Cell Car Science Kit
PEM Fuel Cells

PEM Fuel Cells

CircuitScribe Kits
CircuitScribe Classroom Kits
CircuitScribe Drone Builder Kit
mPuzzle Kit
mPie Kit
MakeyMakey Kits

MakeyMakey Kits

Wave Wires Sets

Wave Wires Sets

Dewey Document Camera Stand
Magic of LED Lights Kit
Electronics Learning Circuits Kit
Water Testing Kit
Ocean Trash Can Kit
Robbery at Anytown Mall Kit
Amazing Waves Kit
Happy Atoms Experiment Kit
Mushroom Maestros Kit
Crazy Circuits Kits
Crazy Circuits Robotics Kit
Art Forgery Kit
Circuit Creators Kit
Classroom Attractions Sets
Environmental Extremes Plant Growth Kits
STEM Multi-Sport Kit
STEM Football Kit
Crime Scene Kit
Electronics Advanced Circuits Kit
Magnet Levitation Kit
Characteristics of Matter Kit
CodeGamer Coding Kit
Crazy Circuits Sewing Kit
Build A Crystal Radio Kits
Crazy Circuits Makerspace Set
Building Simple Circuits Kits
Crazy Circuits with Paint Kit