Discover Advanced Coding with Drones Set


Combine drag-and-drop coding with aerial exploration in three hands-on drone courses!

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    • Unit: Set of 5
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Meld computer science with drone technology to prepare students for their rapidly changing real-world environment. Three application-based online courses have students send programmable drones on complex, autonomous flight missions again and again, using trial and error to fix mistakes in their code. DroneBlocks, a drag-and-drop coding environment allows students to apply algebra and geometry to their code and explore multiple programming languages, then apply their creations to top-of-the-line indoor drones. Requires 5 WiFi-enabled smartphones or tablets (Android or iOS) running the DroneBlocks app and 1 device running the Tello app. Tello Drone Programming with Python course requires a desktop with Windows, OSX, or Linux installed. Set includes 22 programming missions, 5 drones, additional supplies, and educator materials needed to host a drone fleet! For Middle School and up.

Set includes:

  • Drones, 5 Ea
  • Drone Carrying Cases, 5 Ea
  • Battery Safe Storage Bag, 1 Ea
  • Batteries, 15 Ea
  • USB charging cables, 5 Ea
  • Extra Propellers, 5 Sets of 4
  • Multi-Chargers, 5 Ea
  • USB-to-Wall Multi-Charger, 1 Ea
  • Storage Tub, 1 Ea
  • Instructor Guide, 1 Ea
  • Printed Digital Resource License Keys Granting Access to:
    • Introduction to DroneBlocks
    • Advanced Tello Programming with DroneBlocks
    • Tello Drone Programming with Python
  • PCS Edventures Tello Flight Manual, 1 Ea