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Bristlebot Sets

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Rokit Smart Kit

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Shop for engaging and interactive kits at STEM Supplies to inspire a lifelong love of robotics and coding!

Encourage collaboration and creative thinking with STEM coding kits for learners at any grade level. Start with simple screenless coding as an engaging introduction to coding, giving younger students the opportunity to see results as small robots light up or move. As skills progress, let students advance their programming abilities as they write code using open-source Arduino and with single-board Raspberry Pi computers. Many robotics kits for kids include options to drag and drop code for beginners, and grow with them as they learn to write their own code from scratch using popular computer languages.

Lessons about robotics and coding let students create cool projects, while still learning about the core subject. They can see first-hand how coding and robotics work together to perform simple programs or tasks. Students learn about teamwork as they write code and debug it to complete programs. This in turn enhances their cognitive skills as they problem solve. They can even create their own video games, instead of just playing one!

Key Benefits

  • Learn about logic and sequential thought through step-by-step coding.
  • Learning opportunities focus on coding and robotics combine collaboration, creativity, and fun.
  • Understand how robots work and the roles they play in various aspects of our daily lives.
  • Real world application: Robotics and coding play a big role in creating robots for new uses, designing better computers, and developing the newest and ground-breaking apps for mobile devices.

Build a strong foundation in coding and robotics with engaging kits from STEM Supplies!