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Purchase a video production kit from STEM Supplies to creatively fuse technology with art!

Students see videos everywhere, every day. They watch them on TV, tablets, computers, and phones. Video production for kids gives them the chance to experience what it takes to produce commercials, sitcoms, and news programs while learning the same techniques the pros use. From elementary to high school, students learn how to improve and utilize their creative-thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.

Videos serve as an impactful way to provide information that’s accessible from anywhere on electronic devices. It involves learning about a subject matter, writing scripts, learning how to lead others and be a productive teammate, recording video, and learning how to edit video into a cohesive product. During the process, students also learn about the importance of ratios for subject on camera, see how the angle of a light source affects a scene, hone their critical-thinking skills, and how to communicate effectively.

Key Benefits

  • Get hands-on experience with several types of technology in exciting environments.
  • Learn how to investigate, create media, and communicate effectively.
  • Discover how to use various forms of media in a single presentation.
  • Real world application: Whether watching a movie, TV show, or video on YouTube or Instagram, video production plays a role in many of our lives. Expanding students’ knowledge of it could set them up for careers as the next big film producer, director, videographer, or editor.

Shop for video production equipment at STEM Supplies and expand students’ minds through creative communication and collaboration!