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Volcanic Eruptions Kit
Wind Power Experiment Kit
Fuel Cell 10 Experiment Kit
Electricity & Magnetism Kit
Let's Build Electromagnets Kits
Wind & Solar Hybrid System Kit
Physics Solar Workshop Kit
PocketLab Weather Sensor Kit
PocketLab Voyager Sensor Set
Electromagnet Science Kit
Build Your Own Simple Electric Motor Kits
Savonius Wind Turbine Kit
Solar Science Station Kit
SKY-Z Mini Wind & Solar Lab Kit
Rokit Smart Kit

Rokit Smart Kit

Electric Motor Kit
Hydroponic LED GrowLight
Plant Kits

Plant Kits

Periodic Table of Elements
Periodic Table of Element Cards


SolarStudy Set
Earth Layers Set
Paleo Hunter Dig Kits
Crazy Circuits Programming 101 Class Sets
Sun Catchers Kits
STEM Supplies Gift Card
Science Inquiry Elementary Kit
Hummingbird Bit Sets
Hummingbird Bit Kits
Electronics Learning Circuits Kit
Water Testing Kit
Ocean Trash Can Kit
Robbery at Anytown Mall Kit
Amazing Waves Kit